Google Biquery

BigQuery is Googles fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics. BigQuery is serverless. There is no infrastructure to manage and you dont need a database administrator, so you can focus on analyzing data to find meaningful insights using familiar SQL. BigQuery is a powerful Big Data analytics platform used by all types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


API Paths

Get Projects (GET) /projects OpenAPI
Delete Dataset (DELETE) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId} OpenAPI
Get Dataset (GET) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId} OpenAPI
Update Dataset (PATCH) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId} OpenAPI
Update Dataset (PUT) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId} OpenAPI
Get Tables (GET) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables OpenAPI
Create Table (POST) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables OpenAPI
Get Table (GET) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables/{tableId}/data OpenAPI
Delete Table (DELETE) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables/{tableId} OpenAPI
Get Tble (GET) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables/{tableId} OpenAPI
Insert Data (POST) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables/{tableId}/insertAll OpenAPI
Update Table (PATCH) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables/{tableId} OpenAPI
Update Table (PUT) /projects/{projectId}/datasets/{datasetId}/tables/{tableId} OpenAPI
Get Datasets (GET) /projects/{projectId}/datasets OpenAPI
Create Dataset (POST) /projects/{projectId}/datasets OpenAPI
Get Jobs (GET) /projects/{projectId}/jobs OpenAPI
Cancel Job (POST) /projects/{projectId}/jobs/{jobId}/cancel OpenAPI
Get Job (GET) /projects/{projectId}/jobs/{jobId} OpenAPI
Create Job (POST) /projects/{projectId}/jobs OpenAPI
Get Query Job Results (GET) /projects/{projectId}/queries/{jobId} OpenAPI
Run Query Job (POST) /projects/{projectId}/queries OpenAPI